• 1We Come Apart , Crossan S., Conaghan B. (2018)
    YA stars Sarah Crossan and Brian Conaghan join forces to break readers hearts in this contemporary story of star-crossd lovers. Jess would never have looked twice at Nicu if her friends hadnt left… 560 руб

  • 2Vowed , Морган Райс (2011)
    In VOWED (Book #7 of the Vampire Journals), Caitlin and Caleb find themselves in medieval Scotland, in 1350, a time of knights and shining armor, of castles and warriors, of the quest for the Holy… 79.9 руб электронная книга

  • 3Before he Sees , Блейк Пирс
    In BEFORE HE SEES (A Mackenzie White Mystery—Book 2), FBI agent-in-training Mackenzie White struggles to make her mark in the FBI Academy in Quantico, trying to prove herself as a woman and as a… 299 руб электронная книга

  • 4The Weird Sisters , Brown Eleanor (2011)
    'I CAPTURE THE CASTLE meets THE VIRGIN SUICIDES. An eccentric and totally irresistible read'GlamourRosalind. Bianca. Cordelia. The Weird Sisters. Rose always first, Bean never first, Cordy always… 1060 руб

  • 5The Secret Circle: The Temptation , L. J. Smith (2014)
    The Temptation is the spellbinding conclusion to New York Times bestselling author L. J. Smith's YA Secret Circle series, perfect for fans of the Beautiful Creatures series. As the leader of the… 454 руб

  • 6The Edge Chronicles 2: The Winter Knights: Book 2 of the Quint Saga , Stewart Riddell (2014)
    As the Floating City of Sanctaphrax strains to break free of its tether, ancient feuds threaten to tear its people apart. What can Quint, a young squire of the Knights Academy, do to avert disaster… 444.5 руб

  • 7Earth: Facts at Your Fingertips (2012)
    Get fast facts at your fingertips with "DK Pocket Eyewitness Earth", packed with bite-sized chunks of information that will encourage and inform even the most reluctant readers. Learn about the… 639 руб

  • 8Broken Hero , Jonathan Wood (2016)
    How’s a secret agent meant to catch a break? If it’s not a demi-god going through puberty, it’s a renegade Nazi clockwork army going senile. Or a death cult in Nepal. Or a battery-chewing… 762 руб

  • 9One with You A Crossfire Novel , Day S. (2016)
    Falling in love with him was the easiest thing I've ever done. It happened instantly. Completely. Irrevocably. Marrying him was a dream come true. Staying married to him is the fight of my life… 570 руб

  • 10One with You. A Crossfire Novel , Day Silvia (2016)
    This is from number one international bestselling author Sylvia Day. The final chapter in the global blockbuster Crossfire quintet Gideon Cross. Falling in love with him was the easiest thing I've… 809 руб